90% private teachers in Hyderabad sold gold for survival | Hyderabad News

February 16, 2021 0 By boss


HYDERABAD: Ninety percent of the female teachers have sold their gold ornaments or mortgaged them to survive the lockdown and 83% of the teachers have to clear five months of rent revealed a survey.
The survey, conducted by Bharat Dekho, a youth organization had recorded the responses of 220 budget private school teachers. It was also revealed that none of these teachers have medical insurance and are not even aware of its benefits.
“The survey was conducted to understand the mental, physical and financial impact of the lockdown on them and the effect of unemployment on their social standing in their community,” said Romila Gillella, co-founder, Bharat Dekho.
Apart from pledging their valuables and falling behind on paying bills, the survey pointed out that 90% of respondents have taken more than Rs 30,000 as a loan from relatives during the lockdown. All the respondents exhausted their savings during the lockdown.
Teachers working in private budget schools in the city seconded with the survey and said that many of them had to sell their vehicles, gold, and other belongings or take loans to run their households during the lockdown.
“I had to borrow Rs 40,000 against my wife’s gold chain during the lockdown to survive,” said G Chandrasekhar Rao, who has been working as a high school Telugu teacher for the past 20 years, adding that since April 2020, the management has not paid a salary.
Another teacher, R Ramu Naik said that he sold his bike in the lockdown to meet daily expenses. “Owing to my financial constraints, I had to sell my bike and move back to my village. I couldn’t even clear my rent dues,” said Naik, a maths teacher.


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