5 Free Pansy Hand Embroidery Patterns – Needle Work

December 26, 2020 0 By boss


I love pansies.  They are such beautiful flowers that thrive in all sorts of temperatures.  I always get a pack in the early spring.  Even when we get a frost or snow, they come right back and keep on blooming.  Coming in almost every color in the rainbow, they just make me happy.

If you like these blooms as much as I do, then you might like to try out one of these 5 free pansies hand embroidery patterns.

  1. Crewel Ghoul shows how to thread paint flowers and the example is a beautiful pansy.
  2. This pretty purple pansy from Stitchdoodles is easy to make.
  3. Done in a 3 part blog post, this tutorial from Stitch Floral goes into lots of details on needlepainting pansies.
  4. Not only does this pretty pansy tutorial from Sew Guide include a hand embroidery design, it also includes one for ribbon embroidery.
  5. This stunning porcelain pansy design from Trish Burr Embroidery has a free downloadable PDF to guide you through the steps.

Looking for a supplier of Silk Ribbon? We love Etsy for finding hand dyed ribbons as well as imported European silk Embroidery Ribbons. You can see the listings here on Etsy.  Why use silk ribbons? While you can use other kinds of ribbon, it’s best to work with silk because It’s lightweight and very fluid and can easily be manipulated into stitches.


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